Cosmetology students have been busy today learning new skills and facial techniques. Ms. Lane gave instructions and student, Karlee West applied her new knowledge for a fellow student here at PTC! #TrainingToSucceed
4 months ago, Pontotoc Tech
Cosmetology student performing a facial
Teacher demonstrating proper facial technique
At the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Competition in Las Vegas...2nd Place for one of our teams. 12th (out of 16) for the other. EXCELLENT showing from both teams this year! This event not only provides an amazing competitive environment to showcase skills, it also brings our students together with representatives from nationally recognized companies and provides massive scholarship opportunities.
4 months ago, Pontotoc Tech
Group photos of automotive competition team 1
Group photos of automotive competition team 2
Highway Incident Training: PTC EMS/Fire instructor Deena West talks with students in EMS and HVAC programs about what to expect when driving up on the scene of an accident. HVAC Instructor, Mike Beach says, “For my students, the fact is, if you’re in a profession that requires extensive travel in a vehicle to get from job to job, you’re more likely to witness an accident on the road.” While our programs certainly focus on knowledge and skills in the day to day work, life happens and being prepared for the unexpected is important. From keeping yourself out of danger (stay aware of your surroundings and watch both directions of traffic) to how to help someone in an accident (getting certified in CPR, carrying a basic first aid kit, and more) or alerting other drivers to avoid more accidents (turning on your hazards and flashing lights), there are things we can do before emergency personnel arrive on the scene.
4 months ago, Pontotoc Tech
Photo of classroom with instructor at the front of the room presenting