The PTC Lineworker Academy and Covia Roff Plant have entered into an agreement for training that allows the class to work at the site and remove old, obsolete, unused electrical distribution lines and poles. On April 15 we began the removal of de-energized and condemned distribution lines at the Roff plant. We removed over 500ft of 3 phase power lines and will continue to work to remove the poles and other obsolete power distribution lines.
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People in yellow vests working under power lines.
One person climbing on a power pole, another in a bucket lift
Bucket truck with people standing around and one person in the bucket lifted high off the ground
Group of people standing around a presenter, all wearing yellow safety vests
PTC HVAC Student, Andon Russell receiving the "Head of Class" Award from Instructor, Michael Beach. The "Head of Class" Award is sponsored by Malco Tools, Inc., one of the nations leading developers and manufactures of "tools of the trade" for HVAC pros.
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Student receiving backpack from instructor in front of a step and repeat backdrop
Pontotoc Technology Center is currently seeking a Cosmetology Instructor (as we transition to a 2-instructor Cosmetology program). We are also seeking a Science Instructor for our Environmental Biotechnology program. For details, job descriptions, and/or to apply, click:
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Speaking bubble with the words Join our team we're hiring
Fan/AC/Radio Drive - As the Summer months approach, many in our community will be facing the rising temperatures and weather without the necessary means of staying cool and safe. We are accepting new or gently used fans, window AC units, and weather radios. You can drop off your donations at Entrance C at the PTC campus or call Angela McElhannon at 580-310-2236 for an appointment or details.
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Drawing of woman sitting in chair with fan blowing her hair back.
Practical Nursing Open House TOMORROW, April 11th, 3PM-7PM. The Practical Nursing program will be hosting an open house at Pontotoc Technology Center. Download the flier here:
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Picture of the flier at the link in the description
Our Lineworker students have spent the year "raising to new heights" as they've developed knowledge and skills that will lead to well-paying careers! The Lineworker Academy at PTC is accepting applications for the upcoming session. Learn more at: - If you're interested and would like to talk with someone about the program, requirements, and details, give Jim Lawson a call at 580-310-2227 - or email
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Group of people climbing a pole in lineworker gear
Cosmetology Instructor - PTC is transitioning to a 2-instructor cosmetology program and we're looking for an instructor! This person will provide performance-based instruction, according to assigned classes, using current instruction material and techniques combined with innovative ideas. For details, job description, and/or to apply, click:
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Image that reads join our team we're hiring with the ptc logo at bottom right
PTC EMT high school students recently passed Emergency Medical Responder testing. These students will be licensed Oklahoma EMRs when they turn 18 years old. Congratulations!!!
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Group of students posed with a skeleton wearing a red cape
Group of students posed with a skeleton wearing a red cape
CDL Class B - Behind the Wheel (School Bus) Date(s) of Class: April 13th - 18th Meeting Days/Times: Saturday 8AM-5PM, M/T/W/Th 4PM-8PM Cost: $250 Details/Enroll at:
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a school bus
Today we recognized our newest Employee of the Month - In recognition of her valuable contributions and efforts to support the mission of Pontotoc Technology Center, and in appreciation for her dedication and hard work, thank you & congratulations, Cheryl Townsend!
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Woman receiving certificate and shaking a man's hand
Congratulations to this year's Otha Grimes scholarship winners at PTC: Kenda Brock (Practical Nursing), Wyatt Burns (Lineworker Academy), and Micah Rosalez (Information Technology).
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A photo collage of three people
Digital Photography Advanced Date(s) of Class: April 8th - 22nd Meeting Days/Times: Monday, 6:00PM - 9:00PM Cost: $95 Details/Enroll:
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A camera sitting on a table
The U.S. Congress has earmarked funds in the 2024 budget for Community Projects at Pontotoc Technology Center. Thanks to Congressman Cole's endorsement and support, Pontotoc Technology Center will receive $4.5 million to improve/build a Healthcare Wing/Classroom space for a variety of healthcare pathways, certifications, and continual education for adults and high school students. Congressman Cole toured our campus and spoke with staff, students and guests about the funding and his support for training the next generation.
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Two men standing in front of a screen in suits, one with a microphone
People standing in a hallway talking
People standing in an automotive shop area talking
People standing in a classroom talking
If you've ever considered a career in nursing, mark your calendar for April 11th, 3PM-7PM. The Practical Nursing program will be hosting an open house at Pontotoc Technology Center. Download the flier here:
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Flier with an image of a female practicing IV insertion on mannequin
Advanced Drone Flight Training Date(s) of Class: March 26th and 27th Meeting Days/Times: 5:00PM - 8:00PM Cost: $89 Details/Enroll:
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Drone on ground in front of pontotoc technology center sign
Upcoming Firefighting Trainings (No Cost) Fire Fighter I Academy - March 25 - April 21, M-Th, 6PM - 10PM Wildland Fire Fighting Fundamentals - March 26 - April 3, T/W, 6P-10P Fire Fighter I Academy - April 8 - 21, M-Th, 8AM - 5PM Details and Sign Up at:
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Illustration of a firefighter
LAST CHANCE! Testing and Deadlines for the Practical Nursing program are upon us! You still have a few days left to apply for the 2024-2025 Practical Nursing program.
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Nurse running down the hallway in an emergency
NOTICE: PTC Campus will be closed for Spring Break March 11th - 15th.
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Image of flowers with a sunrise behind them
Maybe you’ve decided that you want to become a nurse. This decision probably didn't come lightly, and you know that pursuing a career in nursing will be challenging, but you are determined to make it happen! Why are you so determined? There are so many possible reasons… Passion for Helping Others: You have always had a strong desire to help people in need. Becoming a nurse will allow you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, which is incredibly fulfilling. Job Stability and Growth: Nursing is a field with a high demand for qualified professionals. By becoming an LPN, you know you can secure a stable job with opportunities for growth and advancement. Personal and Professional Development: Pursuing a career in nursing will not only allow you to develop valuable skills and knowledge but also help you grow as a person. You believe this path will challenge you in the best possible ways. Flexibility and Variety: Nursing offers a wide range of career paths and opportunities for specialization. This flexibility excites you, as it means you can explore different areas of nursing and find what truly resonates with you. Sense of Purpose: Above all, becoming a nurse will give you a strong sense of purpose. Knowing that you are making a positive impact on the lives of others will give you a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Whatever your reason, you KNOW this is the path you want to pursue. What’s stopping you? Applications are open now for the Practical Nursing program at Pontotoc Technology Center, but they’re closing soon. Apply now at:
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Female nurse standing next to blood pressure machine
Eleven PTC Welding students took and passed state welding certification test ranging from 3G SMAW to 6G combination GTAW/SMAW. One notable milestone includes Makenna Barker being the first PTC female to pass the 6G combo. Congratulations everyone! #TrainingToSucceed
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Students in a line posed for a picture