Group photo of the PTC board of directors.

Dedicated to public education, school board members across the state are committed to providing every opportunity possible to students in their community. January is School Board Recognition Month, providing local schools and communities the chance to honor Oklahoma’s more than 2,700 elected school board members for their dedication and service.

Pontotoc Technology Center currently has five school board members: John Anderson, Levi Garrett, Dr. Barry Whitworth, Dr. Phillip Fuller, and Kim Hill. We would also like to thank long-time former board member Erik Johnson and wish him the best as he fulfills his duties as newly elected District Attorney for Oklahoma District 22.

“Our school board members not only share their time but their vision and voice to shape the direction of public education in Oklahoma,” Superintendent Travis Graham said. “We are proud of our school board members and the dedication they have to making our district the best it can be. School Board Recognition Month is the time to say thank you and celebrate the accomplishments of our elected board members.”

At Pontotoc Technology Center, school board members develop policies and must make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues impacting the entire community. They bear the responsibility of managing the budget for 270+ full-time students, around 4,000 part-time students annually, 60+ employees, and six buildings.

“During School Board Recognition Month, we hope you will join us as we take the opportunity to acknowledge our local board of education,” Graham said. “If you see one of our board members, please thank them for their service and dedication to Pontotoc Technology Center.”

Information about the board and monthly meetings can be found on the PTC Board of Education Page.