Photo of student in front of a business's sign

While PTC is an amazing place to find opportunity, build skills, and train for success, we’re also committed to anticipating needs and educating our customers to provide a trained workforce in Oklahoma. Certainly in this story, these two ideals compliment each other quite well.

Recently, Information Technology student, David Balliet began working for Ada Custom Memorials and Granite.

In this case, the right skills and talent combined with long-held relationships and cross-program cooperation allowed Jim Lawson, Business and Industry Services Coordinator, to match a local company staffing need with a highly qualified, driven, and talented employee. "It really is a win/win arrangement for everyone involved," says Jim.

When asked about his preparation, Balliet says, “I feel PTC has equipped me well to be able to do this job. They taught me the skills I needed in order to perform well and effectively.” Even better, he says, “I get to do what I have always loved doing and I get paid for it. I have always loved art but have always found graphics to be the best way for me to do it. I feel like this job will be a great start for my graphic design career.”

Like most opportunities, you’ll get as much out of it as what you put into it. David used his time at PTC wisely to develop talent, achieve certifications, and build in-demand skills employers want. Now, he’s well on his way to building the graphic design career he’s always wanted.

Congratulations, David!