Financial Aid

Education is more important than ever, and financial resources are available to help you succeed. Financial aid is available to adult students attending career majors that are more than 600 hours of instruction. Pontotoc Technology Center does not participate in any Student Loan program.

Grant Opportunities

Federal Pell Grant (PELL)

  • Federally funded program which provides aid to adult students who seek a diploma or certificate in an eligible career major at our institution.

  • Pell Grants are restricted to students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

  • Eligibility is based on meeting certain criteria.

  • Grant does not have to be repaid.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)

  • May cover up to 50 percent of tuition costs depending on eligibility.

  • Administered by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

  • Grant does not have to be repaid.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

  • PTC is provided limited funds to use toward students with the greatest need.

  • Grant does not have to be repaid.

School Year 2023/2024 Students Applying for Financial Aid

Changes to your family’s financial situation: If you or your family’s financial situation has changed significantly from what is reflected on your federal income tax return (for example, if you’ve lost a job or otherwise experienced a drop in income), you may be eligible to have your financial aid adjusted. Complete the FAFSA questions as instructed on the application (including the transfer of tax return and income information), submit your FAFSA form, then contact the Financial Aid Specialist at Pontotoc Technology Center to discuss how your current financial situation has changed. Note that the school’s decision is final and cannot be appealed to the U.S. Department of Education.

For more information: contact Jannice Williams, Financial Aid at 580-310-2223 or email her at Send Email to Financial Aid

Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Pontotoc Technology Center does not guarantee scholarship information or awards listed on this site. For more detailed, current information, please contact sponsoring organizations and/or specific scholarship contact(s).