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Pontotoc Technology Center’s HVAC Program Gets Additional Support from Oklahoma Lottery Grant

ADA, OK - (June 3, 2020) Pontotoc Technology Center (PTC) recently expanded its offerings by adding a new full-time HVAC program. PTC was recently awarded a Lottery Grant to help fully equip all areas of HVAC training including the new full-time program as well as our Business and Industry Services and Short-Term programs. The grant will help PTC move one step closer to building a world-class learning environment expected to be ready for students in August.

“I would like to thank Senator Greg McCortney and Representative Ronnie Johns for their continued support of Pontotoc Technology Center and for sharing our vision for the members of our district,” said PTC Superintendent David Lassiter. “We take our vision seriously. That is, we are committed to anticipating needs and educating our customers to provide a trained workforce in Oklahoma. Under the leadership of Jenny Cypert, BIS Director, and Jim Lawson, Industrial Coordinator, PTC has met quarterly with our manufacturing advisory group for more than five years. A common concern growing stronger with each passing year is the need for additional industrial maintenance employees. Growth as well as current professionals reaching retirement age means our manufacturing partners face shortages among skilled HVAC Technicians entering the workforce. Obviously there is a need and we’re ready to do our part.”

In the grant application, three key expectations for students were defined. First, the funds will help provide unfettered access to the tools and technology critical to success. Second, support for training at scale with more efficient timelines (increasing value of uninterrupted instruction and knowledge transfer as well as reducing time away from the workplace). Third, PTC is committed to job placement. HVAC program students will leave as highly qualified graduates that are sought after and valued within our manufacturing/contracting community. In other words, when PTC students tell a prospective employer that they are a PTC HVAC program graduate, it will instill a high level of confidence and lead to a successful career.

The program serves all people of all ages, but for high school students, “the opportunity here is awesome,” says Jim Lawson. “A high school student can complete a 2-year training and follow that with one year in the field and at age 19, he or she can become a Licensed Journeyman!”

PTC is currently accepting applications for full-time and part-time students in the new HVAC program.

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