Practical Nursing

2024-2025 PN application packet - The application window for the 2024-2025 school year is now open. Deadline for all elements of the application is April 15th, 2024, but there are a few steps, so if you're interested in the program, get started today! Follow the steps in the application packet first, then apply online.

The Practical Nurse program offers full-time classes and clinical experience in preparation for a skilled career. Graduates of the program are eligible to obtain Practical Nurse licensure after successfully completing the National Council of Licensure Exam for Practical Nurses. Practical nurses work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician in a variety of health related areas. The program is approximately 11 months long with a total of 1463 hours.

Student practicing IV technique


  • High School Transcript or GED

  • 18 years of older

  • College Transcript if applicable


  • Long Term Care Aide (75 Hours)

  • Anatomy and Physiology (120 Hours)

  • Core Medical Terminology (45 Hours)

  • Introduction to Nursing (40 Hours)

  • Fundamentals of Nursing (160 Hours)

  • Pharmacology & Intravenous Therapy Skills  (66 Hours)

  • Clinical I (80 Hours)

  • Clinical II - Medical Surgical Nursing (Part I) (224 Hours)

  • Clinical III - Medical Surgical Nursing (Part II) (232 Hours)

  • Clinical Nursing IV (120 Hours)

  • Maternal/Newborn Nursing  (45 Hours)

  • Medical Surgical Nursing I  (78 Hours)

  • Medical Surgical Nursing II (78 Hours)

  • Mental Health Nursing (40 Hours)

  • Pediatric Nursing (45 Hours)

  • Transition to Practice (15 Hours)

Enrollment Information

See application packet for ALL details:

  1. Read Information Packet (this contains ALL the required components of the process)


  3. Complete registration/application on the Achademix portal.

Cost of Program: Tuition, Fees, Books and Cost of Attendance

In District

  • Total Tuition: $4,389.00

  • Total Fees: $581.00

  • Total Books: $2,092.00

  • Total Supplies: $1,794.00

    (In-District Current High School Students attend at no cost.)

Out of District

  • Total Tuition: $8,778.00

  • Total Fees: $581.00

  • Total Books: $2,092.00

  • Total Supplies: $1,794.00

Cost of Attendance (Dependent)

  • Food and Housing/Living Expense: $7,539.00

  • Transportation: $1,633.45

  • Miscellaneous: $753.90

  • Commodities-Goods and Products: $2,638.65

Cost of Attendance (Independent)

  • Food and Housing/Living Expense: $15,981.00

  • Transportation: $3,462.55

  • Miscellaneous: $1,598.10

  • Commodities-Goods and Products: $5,593.35

Employment Opportunities

  • Doctor Offices

  • Hospitals

  • Home Health

  • Clinics

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Residential Care Facilities



Potential Salary

For information concerning working conditions, physical requirements, employment and job outlook please refer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) at BLS

Salary information can be found at The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Resource Center at One to Online
CIP: 51-3901 O-NET: 29-2061

VA Approved & Financial Aid Approved

PROGRAM TITLE: Practical Nursing
INSTRUCTORS: Beckie Balch, Julie Williams & Chelsea Griffith


Picture of Beckie Balch

Beckie Balch, RN, MSN-Ed

  • Began Teaching at PTC: August of 2008

  • Education/Background: In her 30+ years as a nurse, Beckie Balch, RN, MSN-Ed., has enjoyed a broad range of experiences in patient care. Starting out in the hospital setting as a labor and delivery nurse, she knew she’d found her passion and continued to pursue it.  From supporting and caring for soon to be mothers at a 33-bed labor and recovery facility boasting 300+ deliveries a month to counseling and triage for a 10 physician OBGYN clinic, she has a wealth of experience in the field.

  • Outside of Work: When not in the classroom, supervising clinicals, or otherwise preparing students for their future, Beckie spends time with her family and says, "grand babies are the best thing in the whole world!"

Messages from Mrs. Balch:

About teaching at PTC... As for teaching full-time, she quickly found confirmation that she’d made the right decision. “In my very first year, we had a student who had hearing challenges. She would study for hours, and was a great student, but she hadn’t yet built up her confidence. One day, she was able to put her knowledge into practice and inserted her first NG (Nasogastric) tube for a patient. As the contents of the patient's stomach were pumped out, she realized the difference she had made in that moment and said, ‘this patient is going to get better now because I did that.’ Her eyes lit up and that ‘aha’ moment still makes me smile today. Seeing that on my student’s face...when they start to connect the dots between what they did and making a real difference for a patient, that’s the absolute best.”

To prospective students... Don’t stop! Let this be a stepping stone. If you want to be an LPN, that’s great and many people find their passion at this level and grow into amazing team members over time, but a lot of our students get into the field, get experience in a variety of settings and then go on to specialize - pursuing their RN and then BSN and even higher.

Picture of Julie Williams

Julie Williams, RN, BSN

  • Began Teaching at PTC: March of 2006

  • Education/Background: Graduated from ECU Nursing in 2000 and worked as a Registered Nurse at Valley View Regional Hospital prior to coming to PTC.

  • Favorite Quote: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin

Messages from Mrs. Williams:

About teaching at PTC... Teaching at PTC gives me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of not only my patients but my students and their families.

To prospective students... Think about your future and how your life will change for the better after being in our nursing program. You will have the chance to become more than you ever thought was possible. It’s extremely hard but so very rewarding.

Picture of Chelsea Griffith

Chelsea Griffith, RN, BSN

  • Began Teaching at PTC: November 2022

  • About Chelsea: I enjoy camping with family in my free time. I am married and have a 6 year old daughter, 3 year old son, and a 1 year old Corgi puppy. 

  • Education/Background: I completed the PN program at PTC in 2013-2014 where I began my nursing journey, and then went on to obtain my RN. My background is mostly ER. I love being a nurse and I owe everything to PTC where I first began my journey. This is why I am back now getting to share what I have learned with new nursing students. 

  • Favorite Quote:  They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

Message to prospective students:

As an instructor who was once a student at PTC, I wholeheartedly recommend it as a fantastic choice for aspiring professionals. Having experienced the transformative journey firsthand, I can attest to the school's commitment to excellence in technical education. The instructors are not just teachers but mentors who genuinely care about students' success. The hands-on training, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry-relevant curriculum prepare students exceptionally well for their chosen careers. What sets this school apart is its unwavering dedication to helping students reach their fullest potential. I've seen countless individuals, including myself, flourish here, and I can confidently say that this career tech school provides an unparalleled foundation for a successful and fulfilling career.