Residential HVAC Technician

Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Approved

Classes begin in the Fall of 2020. Apply Today!

UPDATE (June 2020): Grant Received, Equipment on Order. Read the Story

Classes begin the middle of August and end the middle of May the following year. This program is offered from 7:55 am to 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to 3:05 pm Monday through Friday. High school students choose either a morning session or an afternoon session to attend. Adult students are encouraged to attend both sessions. Adult students are admitted according to space available in the program. Occasionally there are openings for adults and admission is made at the beginning of a new semester. 

Pontotoc Technology Center follows a public school calendar year and has breaks and holidays that are common to the area partner schools. Partner high school students attend tuition free.

This program is an introduction to air-conditioning and refrigeration, exploring career opportunities in the HVAC/R industry, personal safety and work practices, and personal protective equipment.  Students will be instructed in the proper handling of pressurized fluids, handling hazardous substances, hand and power tools, and equipment used to test and service air conditioning. 


- Introduction to HVACR: Safety, Tools and Equipment (30 Hours)
- Principle of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer (45 Hours)
- Piping and Piping Practices (45 Hours)
- HVAC/R Controls (45 Hours)
- HVAC/R Solid State Electronics (30 Hours)
- Load Calculations (15 Hours)
- Refrigerant System Components (90 Hours)
- Air Conditioning Systems (90 Hours)
- Refrigerants and Lubricants (15 Hours)
- Refrigerant Recovery (15 Hours)
- Refrigerant Retrofits (15 Hours)
- Heat Pumps (30 Hours)
- Heating Systems (120 Hours)
- Air Handling (45 Hours)
- Electricity for HVAC/R (60 Hours)
- HVAC/R System Installation and Start-Up (Res.) (120 Hours)
- HVAC/R System Servicing and Troubleshooting (Res.) (90 Hours)
- Indoor Air Quality (15 Hours)
- HVAC/R Preventative Maintenance (15 Hours)
- HVAC/R Codes, Regulations and Standards (30 Hours)
- Professional Service (15 Hours)
- Workforce Staging (45 Hours)

Possible Employment Opportunities:

Air-conditioning Technician
Air-conditioning Maintenance

Cost of Program: Tuition, Fees and Books

Total In-District: $4,288.00
Total Out of District: $7,093.00
VA Approved


EPA 608
HVACR Technician (AHRI Endorsed)
Process Piping Technician
Endorsed Apprentice Eligible

Potential Salary

For information concerning working conditions, physical requirements, employment and job outlook please refer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) at:

Salary information can be found at The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Resource Center at:
SOC/O-NET 49-9021.01

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Total Hours

Residential HVAC Technician
Danny Hogue

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