Image of large fireball being controlled by cadets using a fire hose.

Advanced Firefighter

Image of Buddy Pearce standing in front of a 4-prop airplane on skids in the snow.

Student Profile: Buddy Pearce

Former PTC Student, Buddy Pearce, followed his dream to the highest, driest, windiest, coldest continent on the planet. He is deployed six to seven months a year at McMurdo Station, a U.S.-managed scientific research station. He returns to Oklahoma between contracts.

“I absolutely use the skills I acquired at Pontotoc Technology Center every day of my life." - Buddy Pearce

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Are you interested in seeking employment in Fire, EMS, or Dispatching? Our 20 week academy can provide you the basic skills for these careers. You must be 18 years old and have a High School diploma or GED. The academy consists of 785 hours of training and hands on experience. The Academy classes are from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday thru Friday and some Saturdays and typically runs from the last of July to the middle of January. Physical fitness and medical evaluations will be required. Applicants must go thru an interview process to be selected into the academy.


  • Firefighter I (112 Hours)
  • Firefighter II (48 Hours)
  • Calling the Mayday (8 Hours)
  • Responding to the Mayday (8 Hours)
  • Vehicle Rescue Technician Level 1 Part A (16 Hours)
  • Vehicle Rescue Technician Level 1 Part B (16 Hours)
  • Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (16 Hours)
  • Introduction to Computers (20 Hours)
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness (8 Hours)
  • Hazardous Materials Operations (40 Hours)
  • Rope Rescue Technician Level 1 Part A (16 Hours)
  • Rope Rescue Technician Level 1 Part B (16 Hours)
  • Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (8 Hours)
  • Traffic Incident Management System (4 Hours)
  • Intro to Swift Water Rescue (8 Hours)
  • Flammable Liquid and Gas Emergencies (16 Hours)
  • Advanced Fire Behavior (8 Hours)
  • Fire Department Internship (40 Hours)
  • Medical and Physical Requirement for Firefighters (55 Hours)
  • Emergency Dispatch (21 Hours)
  • Basic EMT
         -  Basic Preparatory (38 Hours)
         - Airway (16 Hours)
          - Patient Assessment (22 Hours)
          - Medical Emergencies (42 Hours)
          - Trauma (48 Hours)
          - Special Patient Populations (42 Hours)
          - EMS Operations (10 Hours)
          - EMT Clinical (36 Hours)
  • EMT Exam and Testing Review (7 Hours)

Cost of Program: Tuition, Fees and Books

Total In-District: $5,300
Total Out of District: $8,687
CIP: 43-0203 O-NET/SOC: 33-2011.01

VA Approved

PROGRAM TITLE: Advanced Firefighter