The PTC FabLab exist as a community economic development and educational tool for our rural community.  We exist to assist in the development of individuals and ideas. Entrepreneurs, inventors, small companies, large companies, engineers, hobbyist, and curious minds are all part of the PTC FabLab membership. PTC developed a place for ideas to be nurtured and developed, created and inspired, from concept to completion.  Our facility exists to connect the members with the resources to grow both personally and grow their business.

Our Lab Equipment:

MakerBot Replicator: Basic Filament PLA printer
MakerBot Replicator+: More advanced Basic Filament PLA printer
SeeMeCNC Rostock Max: Delta Filament printer with advanced material capabilities
Formlabs Form 2:  Stereolithographic laser/resin printer with high definition capabilities
Stratysis Uprint: Dual media filament printer for use with complex integrated projects
Piranha FX XL Mini CNC: CNC router, Digitizing probe, Laser etching
Escan Laser Scanner: Laser scanner for use in developing 3D models of small objects
3D Systems Sense Scanner: Photo Scanner for use in developing 3D models of large objects

Our Operations:

Mission Statement of the Fab Lab:

The PTC Fab Lab is a collaborative effort within the community for advancing innovation and product development.  Our goal is to educate the participants thru relationships and advanced manufacturing processes with state of the art software/hardware and an environment of community.  “Training for Success” is the moto and education is the main focus for this lab.  We provide educational opportunities for our members and clients.

We use this lab as a method to advance the relationships between our businesses and our full time programs, instructing each to perform advanced manufacturing Safety First techniques using safe operational principles.

Our Operation Goals:

The PTC Fab Lab has been established to benefit the local community and provide economic development opportunities for our business community.  We encourage research and development groups and individuals to use the services and equipment in the lab to design, develop, produce prototypes and simulation items.

Our Method of Operation:

Lab operations will be a combination of instructor lead events and self paced learning activities.  Online learning will be offered.  We provide computers and links to the internet as well as access thru software to aid in the learning experience.  This is an open operations lab with required safety courses and qualifications before operating equipment.  We provide an opportunity for all members to collaborate on designs and offer an open forum for this exchange of ideas.  Better designs through collaborations.

Courses Offered and Instructional Processes:

Thingiverse and your First 3D print
Sketch-up fundamentals
3D printing Basics
Advanced 3D printing
CNC programing Basics using Vetrics
Using a 3 axis CNC cutting machine
Laser etching
Coordinate Measurement
Scanning and digitizing
Selecting the correct 3D printer

Fee Structure and Membership

The fee structure will be available in two forms; as a member or as a pay per visit.
The pay per visit will be based on the amount of time used on the printers and the amount of material required to produce the item or the amount of time used on the computers.  Safety training is a requirement before using any equipment.

Membership is on a monthly basis.
In District individual=  $35 /month plus material usage
Out District individual= $60 /month plus material usage
Student individual= $25 /month plus material usage
Business= $40 /month plus material usage
Pay per Visit= $15 / visit plus material usage following safety training

Hours of Operation

9:00a-4:00p M-F (open lab for Qualified Members)
Attendant available Monday through Thursday, 10a - 1:30p (or by appointment)

(Appointment required)
Evenings for events and appointments.  Individuals and Businesses can schedule an appointment to use the lab M-Th 9:00a to 9:00p and F 9:00a-4:00p. Courses and events will be scheduled at various times including day and evenings.  Lab is subject to scheduling needs of courses and may be closed to the members or public during those times. Call for verification.

Lab Supervision

The lab will have a supervisor/attendant for each event or appointment.  The supervisor/attendant is there to assist the members with the equipment however, they are not there to do the project for the member.  Instruction and education is the main focus of the lab.  We are not a fee for service group.  Our lab attendant will be there to assist and monitor.  We have Subject Matter Experts that will be available by appointment.  The SME will make appointments to help with specific issues and are available to assist the members.   We schedule regular times and dates for the SME’s to be available.  This is posted on our website or sent out to members via informational email.